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Spells to influence court verdict in your favor! Spells for victory in a court case to banish negative energy & bad luck using court case spells to win any court case whether you are the defendant or the accused.


Make the judge rule in your favor using voodoo court spells & witchcraft court case spells.

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Court Case Dismissal

Get a court case dismissed using voodoo court case spells. Banish negative forces, bad luck & revenge spells from your enemies that are causing you to have legal problems. Voodoo court spells to permanently get your court case dismissed. Make the judge & even the prosecutor to like you & spiritually favor you. Make the prosecutor make mistakes in your case.

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Freeze Court Case

Stop a court case against you & make all your legal problems disappear using court case freezer spells. Prevent witnesses from testifying against you or make them give testimonies that do not implicate you using court case freezer spells. Win any court case with powerful court victory spells.

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Drop Charge Spells

Make the charges against you be dropped & win any legal case using powerful court spells to have charges against you be dropped. My court spells will help you have criminal & civil court cases against you be dropped. Spiritually influence the outcome of legal matters in your favor using court spells to have your charges dropped.

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Legal Spells

Someone has cast a negative spell on you unless you have other witches or Wiccans in your social circle. This isn't the kind of thing that non-Pagans just whip up to get on your nerves.

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Out Of Jail Spells

Someone else is using witchcraft to cause you misfortune, these are the spells you want to try. Banishing spells may keep someone away from you, but they will not break any curse or hex already created.

Justice Spells

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Gets justice in legal matters using powerful voodoo justice spells to use the court system to punish your enemies. Black magic justice spells & witchcraft justice spells. Justice spells to make someone who has harmed you & gotten away with it to suffer pain & experience disaster. Voodoo justice spells & wiccan justice spells. Voodoo justice spells is a combination of revenge spells, hexes, curses & court case spells to get out of difficult legal problems. Powerful justice spells that work. Make a thief, rapist or evil person get into legal problems using my powerful justice spells to get the ultimate revenge. Binding justice spells that work fast.

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